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Hotels in Johor by area    
Top Destinations in Johor
Johor Bahru
Johor Bahru is the capital city of Johor in southern Malaysia, neighbor of Singapore. This city was founded in 1855 when sovereign ruler of Johor establish his administrative headquarters here.

  Batu Pahat
Batu Pahat lies in the southeast of Muar, southwest of Kluang, northwest of Pontian, and south of Segamat in the state of Johor. The capital of this district is the Bandar Penggaram.

Kluang is a town and district located roughly in the middle of the Johor state. Kluang lies about 110km north of Johor Bahru with the population of more than 250000 residents. The name “Kluang” derives from the Malay word ‘keluang’ which means flying fox.

Muar is the royal city of the state of Johor which geopolitically situated in Muar District. It is the main and biggest town of the bigger entity region, which the district covers the whole area formerly boders Malacca in the northern part.

Nusajaya is a regional city which is located west of Johor, Malaysia. This is an emerging economic zone in South Johor designed to be Asia foremost integrated city. Nusajaya is about the convergence of diverse developments on a scale and diversity that has never before been attempted in Malaysia.

Skudai is a suburb of Johor Bahru and the largest city in the capital of the state of Johor. Skudai is part of the new growth corridor of southwest Johor which includes the Senai Airport, TanjungPelapas Port and the proposed new administrative capital of Johor Bandar Nusajaya.

Mersing is a town in the northeast corner of the state of Johor. This town will be visited by most of the tourist who are on their way to the Tioman Island. This town is particularly significant for a few reason, it is one of the only two major towns in eastern half of Johor.

Senai is a transit town situated 25km away from Johor Bahru. Senai International Airport will definitely rings a bell as this is one of the busy airport in the Northern region of Malaysia.

  Pulau Kukup
Kukup is a small fishing village in the district of Pontian. This village is roughly 40km away from Johor Bahru and it is on the Strait of Malacca. It is famous for its open-air seafood restaurant built on stilts over the water.

  Kota Tinggi
Kota Tinggi is 42km north-east from Johor Bahru passing through Mersing. This town can also be reached by ferry from the Changi terminal in Singapore where tourists need to pass through the immigration check point.

Johor – the state of “Dignity” – is a fast-progressing state in Malaysia. In fact, Johor is also one of the most developed states in Malaysia alongside Selangor. Due to the fact that Johor also possess a unique status, many tourists are attracted to the state yearly; and thus, there are many hotels and resorts catering to these tourists – no matter you are in the state for business purposes or for a vacation – in which tourists can also have more to choose from amongst the different hotels provided.

The most developed part of Johor is no doubt the capital city – Johor Bahru. Here, tourists would also find various hotels which come in all kinds of differences to cater to tourists’ preferences. Apart from the hotels, tourists also have a selection of various resorts to choose from, which are of course catered to those who prefer to have a good time relaxing and getting away from their daily hectic lifestyles.

Besides, Johor also can be easily accessed no matter where you come from. Malaysia’s local airlines – Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Air Asia – provide flights which stop at the Senai International Airport, which has now becoming one of the important trademarks one can find in Johor. The Senai International Airport is also convenient in the sense that transportation systems can be easily accessed from the airport to tourists’ hotels/resorts or even to various attractions that can be found in Johor.

The hotels and resorts in Johor are also situated in a fair distance with Johor’s tourist attractions such as the Desaru Beach, Endau Rompin National Park, Mersing, Royal Abu Bakar Museum, Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, and a lot more.


















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